Gallery5 dons costumes early, for better or for worse

Nick Bonadies
Spectrum Editor

A widely accepted tenet of modern 20-something aesthetic thought is that better isn’t always better.  Think “shabby chic”, alley alerts and secondhand stores, questionably styled facial hair – or, in more mainstream venues, something called “pre-distressed jeans.”

Look no further for proof than Gallery5 in Jackson Ward last Tuesday night, where concert attendees competed for the title of  “the WORST original costume.”

Competitors in the “Shitty Costume Contest” – anyone who showed up in, yes, a shitty costume – had three dollars knocked off the eight-dollar admission to Gallery5’s “Shitty Halloween” show, which featured pounding high-energy sets by Dead to Me, No Friends, Night Birds, Southside Stranglers and Grown Ass Men.

If you’re still strapped for ideas for your own costume this year, consider using these examples of inspired ideas and exquisite craftsmanship to get the creative juices flowing.

Tony Foresta, Sam Johnson, Richard Minino and Alex Goldfarb – comprising mid-80s hardcore supergroup No Friends – give their own take on the Fab Four with “The Shitty Beatles”.

Watch yourself, Barney. Andre Walker’s alligator beats anything PBS could dole out.

Alex DiMattesa’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” outfit set the boys (becoming men) apart from the men (becoming wolves.)

Husband-wife duo Brandon and Lauren Ferrel demonstrate the right way to rock a his-hers costume with this celebration of hip hop across decades.

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