ICF hosts build-a-bear workshop

Erica Terrini

News Editor

Elephants, and turtles, and bears … oh my!

The Intercultural Festival student organization hosted a build-a-bear workshop Wednesday in the University Student Commons as a part of this week’s events, which aim to promote the festival this Saturday.

Hassan Ahmed, a junior chemistry major and the ICF programming co-chair, said ICF members received the supplies for the workshop through Simplified Entertainment, an events programming company.

Ahmed said ICF used funds from their student organization’s budget to pay for the supplies. He said a specific portion of the ICF budget is reserved for ICF week events.

Student participants had to obtain tickets for entry to the event; only 100 un-stuffed animals were available to be stuffed. Ahmed said while the event was free, students had to pick up their tickets in the Breakpoint Games Room in the Commons.

Miranda Webster and Claire Yenson, freshman theater performance majors, said they heard about ICF initially from other residents and promotion efforts in their dorm halls.

“We’ve never participated in one of the VCU coordinated activities and when we saw build-a-bear, it was like a jump back to our childhood and we had to be here,” Webster said.

The ICF is scheduled for Saturday on April 10, from 1-6 p.m., in Monroe Park. The festival will feature different activities to celebrate diversity on campus and to provide opportunities for students to interact and get to know one another’s culture. For more information about ICF, visit www.facebook.com/vcuicf.

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