Been there, heard that – The Jim Ivins Band

Erika Wilkins

Spectrum Editor

The problem with college bands is that while usually energetic about the prospect of making music, the lack life experience, talent and musical depth. Unfortunately, The Jim Ivins Band falls victim to this all-to-common plight.

VCU students, Jim Ivins, Bobby Gary with Drew Martin and Jack Ivins, categorize their music as pop, rock, and acoustic fusion. Who doesn’t? Every band from Simple Plan to Sum 41 has clumsily drummed out that nauseating mix—with little to no success. Sloppy love songs about absolutely nothing at all make this five-song EP painful to finish.

Their inspirations are so blatantly obvious it’s almost plagiarism. The beginning of “Fall Flat” obviously harkens back to Oasis’s “Wonderwall” in tempo and delivery; but not in artistry. What comes across as pained accusation, “Wonderwall” turns into mumbled, baby-voiced sap in “Fall Flat.” The rest of the songs aren’t any better. Perhaps they should try covers.

If you have to, check out The Jim Ivins Band at The Camel on April 7.

Download (don’t steal): “Back to Reality” by The Jim Ivins Band

Grade: F

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  1. A classic example of sloppy journalism. Sure the writer, Erika, is entitled to her opinion, but she could at least check her facts and proofread her title. The Jim Irvins band? Really? Furthermore, after meeting these guys at shows, I’m fairly certain that only Jim Ivins and Bobby Gary go to VCU, and the other two guys go to other Virginia colleges. In the future, I think this writer should practice a little more professionalism.

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