Presidential roundtable student Q&A

The following are questions students made to President Michael Rao at Monday’s SGA Presidential Roundtable event:

1. I actually did a program last semester with budget cuts. We were actually trying to figure out what the whole issue was with VCU and from the program we found out that VCU has different pots that money, I guess they put the money into certain pots for different things and I was wondering is there any way in the future that we could look into taking those funds from certain pots and putting it into areas that we need? I just feel like there’s no point in building a building, you have a pot to build a building and then you don’t have the professors, how does that work?

Rao: [audio:]

2. With all the budget cuts and all the faculty decline, how is it going to affect students?

Rao: [audio:]

3. How would you increase or improve diversity among higher administration staff?

Rao: [audio:″]

4. How does VCU propose to compensate for the housing that will be lost with the closing of Ram’s Hall; especially with the rising number of freshman that are going to be moving out of the freshman dorms ?

Rao: [audio:]

5. My walk is from Broad and Belvidere student apartments to the business building every day. With all the snow we’ve been getting, we don’t have shoveled sidewalks. I was wondering if that was due to the budget or if there is something you can do about that?

Rao: [audio:]

6. What is it that the University could do with our own personal charter to bring in that corporate interest or that sponsorship so that we can save the departments that are at risk, so that we can save the programs at risk?

Rao: [audio:]

7. You mentioned earlier that the library makes a big difference, but how much of a difference can it make when the university library is closed six hours earlier than the recreational facilities on Fridays and Saturdays?

Rao: [audio:]

*This audio was recorded by WVCW and Edited by Frances Correa, Multimedia Editor of the Commonwealth Times
*A complete version of the audio will be aired on WVCW’s Friday news broadcast.

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