L’amour à la carte: Richmond dining this Valentine’s Day

Erika Wilkins

Spectrum Editor

People view Valentine’s Day in one of two ways: as a divine opportunity to shower and be showered with declarations of undying love via red roses, German chocolates and diamonds, or as a dreaded and unnecessary holiday celebrated solely to remind the lonely of their plight.

While some will be resigned to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the couch, others will seek a profound way of professing their love—perhaps à la carte.

Local restaurants are offering up decadent meals for two this Sunday night. From succulent meats to delectable desserts, restaurateurs have a legion of options in a range of prices.

Valentine’s Day meals for two:

Gibson’s Grill

700 E. Broad St.


$70.00 plus tax and gratuity

Appetizer to share (choice of 1):

– Pan-seared scallops over Stilton bleu Cheese polenta with sweet pomegranate glaze

– Wild mushroom ravioli over arugula with a sundried tomato pesto rosé sauce and toasted pine nuts

Entrées (choice of 2):

– Grilled duck breast topped with a bing cherry and caramelized peach port wine reduction served with porcini mushroom risotto and mixed asparagus.

– Balsamic mint-glazed New Zealand lamb chops with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed asparagus.

– Bone-in Angus ribeye topped with lobster butter served with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed asparagus

– Crab Florentine stuffed Rockfish filets with a Newburg cream sauce, Porcini mushroom risotto and mixed asparagus

Dessert (to share):


Beverage (to share):

– A bottle of wine – red, white or sparkling

Strawberry Street Cafe

421 N. Strawberry St.



Appetizers (choice of 2):

Homemade soups

Entrée (choice of 2):

– Beef Wellington with Béarnaise sauce, shrimp stuffed with an award-winning crab cake mixture baked in garlic butter

– Chicken breast stuffed with country ham and fresh mozzarella with a sage cream sauce

– Entrees served with Parmesan au gratin potatoes and steamed broccoli


– Chocolate loving spoonful cake

Baker’s Crust

3553 W. Cary St.


$19.99 per person

Appetizers: (choice of 1):

– Caesar, blue cheese wedge

– Bowl of tomato and cheese soup

Entrées (choice of 1):

– Fire-grilled Buckhead ribeye, twice-baked Killimock cheese potato

– Apricot-glazed salmon, acorn squash

Dessert (choice of 1):

– Homemade fresh fruit tart

– Crepe Jamaica

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