Q&A with Lamb of God

Richmond metal legends Lamb of God have been nominated for two Grammy awards. WVCW’s Tab Hall caught up with drummer Chris Adler for an exclusive interview.

WVCW: You just finished up a dual-type tour switching dates between local rock legends GWAR and the legendary Metallica. So I see that you were selling out such massive venues like Madison Square Garden. Overall, how was the tour for you all?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/Howwasthetoursofar.mp3]

Awesome to hear, man. So is it true that playing Madison Square Garden is everybody’s wet dream?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/madisonsqareandwetdream.mp3]

WVCW: As many of the listeners out there are already aware, the infamous GWAR was formed in 1995 (editor’s note: 1985) and called Richmond their home. So what was it like sharing the stage with another Richmond great?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/Friendswithrichmondgreat.wav]

WVCW: That’s awesome to hear. I’m guessing you all had a lot of talks about Richmond itself. Did that come up at all?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/TalkingaboutRichmond.wav]

WVCW: I also heard Mark (Morton) and John (Campbell) were floor mates of yours when you were attending VCU. Can you tell us which dorms were you in?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/Wheredidyouliveatvcu.wav]

WVCW: That’s exactly what people are guessing. When did Randy come in the picture for you?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/Randyinthepicture.wav]

WVCW: Growing up, did you and Willie (Adler) play at all or was there a sibling rivalry?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/playingwithWillieornot.wav]

WVCW: When did you all decide that you should get Willie to come play with you all and “Burn the Priest”?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/howwilliestarted.wav]

WVCW: I know you’ve already been going over some of the metal bands that were around but what was the overall metal and music scene like in Richmond while you all were coming through VCU?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/metalsceneinrichmond.wav]

WVCW: Have you had an opportunity to work in you field and use your degree?

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/usedbroadcast.wav]

What were you all like back in those college days? Crazy party type that you would consider most of the metal kinds around Richmond are like?

Adler: Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/whatwereyoulikebackintheday.wav]

I’ve noticed through the years listening to your music that there has been a huge progression. A lot of the earlier stuff like “Burn the Priest” and ”New American Gospel” were more power-driven, driven by speed and the overall heaviness of the music. Throughout the years, while keeping that there, it’s also bringing a lot more melody and a lot more technicality to the music. Is that driven basically by a change in what you’re listening to or is it just to keep it new?

[audio:Lamb of God/melodyinmusic.wav]

WCVW: So what’s up next for you guys

Adler: [audio:Lamb of God/whatsnext.wav]

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