I’m so done with.

I figured because we still haven’t entered that football season and the sports landscape is still seemingly barren, I would talk about the five things in sports that I am absolutely done with.

As much as I love sports, sometimes they can give me headache after headache. These are the personalities, ideas or events I have officially washed my hands of for the time being.

1) Dog lovers on Vick – I heard a sports television host say that she would never forgive Eagles quarterback Mike Vick because she owned dogs. This is the kind of thing I can’t stand and haven’t been able to stand since the whole dog fighting thing came about.

I absolutely do not condone what Vick did and I have a hard time hearing about some of the specific actions related to this practice, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I love dogs. Owning or loving a dog does not give someone any more reason than the next guy to hate Vick’s actions, period.

2) Major League Baseball – I have always been a huge baseball fan. But for some reason baseball in 2009 has worn extremely thin. It might have been the Stephen Strasburg signing, the Manny and A-Rod steroid cases or the fact that the same teams will be in the playoffs . again. No matter what the cause I am so done with baseball.

3) College basketball sleaziness – This is in no way a new pet peeve. This round included John Calipari and Memphis, who was caught for the second time on recruiting violations. It was the second program Calipari left and screwed. Yet despite his infractions, Calipari will coach this season and make major bank while Memphis will lose one of its only final four appearances. But once again, this is not a new thing.

4) The United States Men’s Soccer Team – Let me preface this by saying I am not a soccer hater. It is not a sport I’m in love with, but I do respect it a lot and enjoy it from time to time. The only reason I am so done with the U.S. national team is that they continually set back the effort to make soccer mainstream in this country.

Every time we get into World Cup qualifying, they play these huge “groundbreaking” matches and lose them. Players like Alexi Lalas or Landon Donovan become the face of the soccer movement and give encouraging pump-up interviews to get people excited but struggle to back it up. I am still a minor soccer fan, I am just fed up with American soccer.

5) Shaq – This guy is everywhere and it is starting to work my last nerve. Now O’Neil has a reality show where he plays other sports’ athletes in their sport. He also has switched teams for the fifth time in his career this offseason and I have no doubt going to play with Lebron is a little bit of a publicity stunt in itself.

What happened to athletes just being athletes? Why can’t a guy stay out of the spotlight and just play the game he loves? It has gotten old, and Shaq keeps “being that guy.”

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