Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Like any good Massachusetts liberal, John Kerry thinks he is better than you. He thinks he is classier, more refined and most of all, smarter than the average voter. Senator Kerry thinks that the electorate is too stupid to call him on his facts.
Kerry has used his platform as a Democratic candidate to do nothing but lie to the American public. His continuous slander has consisted of everything from mistruths and distortions to absolute lies. The only possible reason that Kerry would attempt to deceive voters so much is that he thinks he can get away with it.
During the first presidential debate, Kerry asserted that President Bush had not done enough to make the nation safe from terrorists. As an example, Kerry stated that the New York subway system had to close during the Republican National Convention for security reasons. The problem is that according to the New York Transit Authority, the subway never closed.
In the second Presidential debate, Kerry told the voting public that Bush underfunded both the No Child Left Behind Act and the C.O.P.S. programs, when in reality both of these program’s funding increased under Bush. The No Child Left Behind Act’s funding, for example, actually increased by 2.7 billion dollars. But wait, it gets worse.
During the second debate Kerry said that he would make a better commander-in-chief because he would be more attuned to international relations. To support this, Kerry made the assertion that a week before voting to force Iraq to comply with U.N. resolutions, he met with members of the United Nations Security Council.
But the Washington Times broke a story last week that reveals the truth: after speaking with five members of the UN Security Council, it was clear that this was just another Kerry lie. Four of the delegates, including those from Mexico, Bulgaria and Columbia, stated that they had never met Kerry, nor had anyone representing their country.
Don’t worry, there’s more – for the past month, Kerry has stated and restated his claim that, after telling the president that he would need more troops to invade Iraq, the Army’s chief of staff was forced to retire. This is a concoction that Kerry has seen as important enough to use in both the second presidential debate and multiple speeches.
The problem is, the facts tell a different story. General Shineski made a speech stating that the President would need more troops to invade Iraq effectively on Feb. 25, 2003. This is the speech that Kerry repeatedly refers to in his assertion, but in actuality the General’s impending retirement was reported by the New York Times almost a year earlier in March of 2002.
Kerry’s perverse manipulation of the facts and his tendency to invent things that he feels will be helpful to his campaign is almost physically disgusting. The way he believes that he can tell the voting public anything and they will believe him is insulting to just about everyone who takes the time to examine his claims.
Tomorrow you will have the chance to elect your next representative to the world. Do you really think someone who believes that he better than you will best represent your interests?

Benjamin Colbert

To the Editor:

Tomorrow on Nov. 2nd, VCU students will have the opportunity to participate in what is being called the most important election of our generation. I would like to shed some light on three of the major differences between President George Bush and Senator John Kerry.
The next president will have the opportunity to appoint several new Supreme Court justices. In his last four years,

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