Spooky costume tips from fashion students

You’ve purchased bags of candy, baked cookies and hung decorations. You’ve even made a big pot of something edible for your friends to eat.

Your Halloween preparations are complete . . . until you realize that you don’t have a costume.

Relax, and conserve those chills of fear for the Haunted House or a horror flick, because we at the CT have gathered tips from the VCU fashion department to help you put together a last minute costume.

Kristen DeLizzio, a senior fashion design major said you can make a great costume by using what you have around the house.

“Paper bags make a great pattern base,” said Delizzio, referring to the tool needed to make a pattern.

She also recommends that you cut the fabric be cut from a pattern that already fits, such as an existing pair of pants or skirt.

If making a costume is not an option, “Go to the thrift store and alter something that’s already made. Borrow things from other people, to put together an outfit,” DeLizzio said.

A few reminders for costume ideas:

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