Point/Counterpoint: The Nader Factor

Well it’s almost Election Day, and time and time again, numerous news organizations repeatedly ask, “Will Nader cost Kerry the election?”

I personally feel that the news media really missed the boat on this one. If Kerry loses the election, it isn’t going to be Nader’s fault; it will be Kerry’s fault.

Kerry actually spent much of his time trying to convince Nader not to run, when in actuality he should have been trying to convince Bush. Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. What were you thinking?

Just imagine if Bush weren’t running. It would be Kerry, 99 percent, and Nader, 1 percent instead of Kerry, 48 percent; Bush, 49 percent; and Nader, 1 percent.

Kerry has also missed another strong position he could have taken: “If I’m not elected, no more ketchup, Bruce Springsteen or Dave Matthews.”

Either way, if Kerry wins or if Bush wins, I’m looking forward to another four years of fun-loving partisan politics.

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