Store exchanges ‘Threadz’ for cash, credit

Ladies, look around your home.

Are there tons or even a few items of clothing that you don’t wear anymore?

Well make room for those winter sweaters and head to local swap shop, Threadz to relieve your closet of that unwanted clothing.

Swap shops are a great alternative to the traditional thrift store operation.

“Women can bring in items of clothing that are no longer desired,” said Threadz owner Shannon Edmonds. ” I’ll take inventory and they then have the option of cash or in-store credit for what they’ve brought me.”

Edmonds said she opened the shop to help women “find a good bargain and cater to the vintage or trendy styles of women in Richmond,” also claiming “that since you bought your clothes, you should get something for them instead of just giving them away.”

It has only been recently opened to the public, but she has been there for the past year collecting items for sale within the shop. Though the shop is small it definitely offers a variety of styles for people, trendy items and even some blasts from the past cover the coat hangers in the store.

Stacks of fashion magazines sit in corners waiting to aid those looking for the newest trends.

Framed articles offer various fashion tidbits that relate to store items, such as the “How to wear flowers in your hair” article in the jewelry case with the hair-flowers.

Previous experience in retail, Edmonds said, taught her how to assess the items that people bring in.

Some swap shop businesses in Richmond only accept clothes that are in season, in mint condition or higher end name brands. There are also specifications as to the condition of clothes if you’d like to get your money back.

Threadz is not as complicated as other stores, Edmonds said, adding that the clothes should be “gently used, without rips, holes, stains, etc.”

So if you’re running low on cash and have some shoes, shirts, pants, or anything else clothing-related that you don’t want, take them to Threadz.

It’s a deal and at least you’ll win back some of your hard-earned wardrobe money.

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