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Cancer sniffing dogs?

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrated that dogs can identify bladder cancer by detecting chemicals in urine emitted by cancerous cells. Dr. Carolyn Willis and her colleagues trained six dogs of various ages and breeds to identify urine samples from 36 bladder cancer patients among 108 healthy volunteers. Each dog did nine tests – picking the infected urine out of seven samples by lying next to it. The dogs averaged a success rate of 41 percent, which Willis said is significant because 14 percent would have been sheer chance. Bladder cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the world and Willis said that dogs could play an important role by helping scientists find specific markers for cancer.

Students busted for indulging in male fantasy

Three students at Jacksonville University were punished for installing a stripper pole in an on-campus apartment and taking pictures as fully clothed women performed on it at a party. The men bought the steel pole from Home Depot, bolted it to the ceiling, attached the bottom to a plywood stage covered in red felt and threw a party promising a $100 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret to the winner of a pole dancing contest. John Daigle Jr., a school spokesman, said the party’s hosts might have violated the university’s alcohol policy and rules against indecent behavior and making unapproved changes to university property. The winner of the contest was also punished.

When is a mustang not a car?

Pennsylvania’s state Supreme Court ruled that the state’s drunken driving law cannot be enforced against people on horseback. The court ruled in a case against Keith Travis and Richard Noel who were charged with drunk driving along with a man driving a pickup who allegedly rear-ended the horse Travis was riding on. All three men failed sobriety tests, but a judge threw out the charges against Noel and Travis after the men argued that the word vehicles in the state’s drunk-driving law doesn’t apply to horses.

Woman sells husband’s plot

A Romanian woman upset her dead husband’s family by digging up his body and selling the funeral plot. The woman allegedly sold the grave site because she needed the money, but in order to sell the plot her husband’s remains could not be occupying the space. It is believed she dumped them close to the cemetery. The man’s relatives recovered the remains and said they intend to re-inter them in a different cemetery.

Theater going down the tubes

A Brazilian theater company recently opened its new production – in a public toilet. The play, titled “The Evangelical for the Laymen,” is being staged at a public toilet under the Cha Bridge in Sao Paulo. It is a mix of biblical and non-biblical characters and divides Jesus into three characters: a social worker, a policeman and a normal citizen. Evil Reboucas, director of the Arthemus Theatre Company, said his company chose the toilet to work as a metaphor for a society that places all its renegades in a sewage deposit.

Soccer tournament bans prostitutes

A woman’s soccer team was thrown out of an event in Central America after organizer’s found out the team was comprised entirely of prostitutes. The Stars of the Line, who take their name from Guatemala City’s red-light district, called the Train Line, were kicked out of the tournament after losing 5-2 to the Blue Devils. Officials said fans of the Stars of the Line were using foul language and caused the team to be expelled, but team captain Valeria said the real reason is because her team is comprised of an element of society that is constantly marginalized, adding that the team just wants to play soccer.

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