Zodiac Cookies

Virgo: It’s all wine and roses from here. You’ve earned this break, doll face.
Libra: Missing those you lost makes for losing what you’ve got.
Scorpio: Judge and ye need determine a sentence for the crime.
Sagittarius: Hardcore, it’s a style of music not a lifestyle.
Capricorn: Don’t get ahead of the cart or you will be a lame horse.
Aquarius: This is the dawning of a new age and new friendships.
Pisces: Creativity abounds but will fizzle by Friday.
Aries: Change what you can and fake what you cannot.
Taurus: A well-deserved reward comes from a stranger and should not be overlooked.
Gemini: Now even hotter: Good things await those very special Gemini twins that know how to appreciate PBR and 3 a.m. dance parties.
Cancer: A bird in the hand is better than two fouls in your fate.
Leo: Be strong and this too shall pass in time.

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