Pizza Galore

I just read Alexander Marra’s article about the pizza scene in Richmond. I was quite aghast to the fact that his trip up Main Street ended at Puddn’ Heads and didn’t take him another block to the Sven Shine Inn. It is by far the best pizza I’ve every had. 40,000 dollar brick oven imported from Italy. Run by one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Of course he is a little bitter since VCU students tend to not care about the restaurant voted the “Best Pizza in Richmond” by more then one publication. The Sven Shine Inn is located in the basement below the Lost Sock Laundry Mat(just before you get to Mulligans). Now I’ve never had Puddn’ Heads pizza (I was actually very unaware that they had pizza) but I’m yet to have pizza that compares to this great place. Check it out, and update your list buddy.
Andy Waters-4th year Theatre Major.

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