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Roy: Tiger bit to save him

Las Vegas magician Roy Horn, of Siegfried and Roy fame, said his white tiger bit him last October during a show to prevent Horn from hurting himself. Horn said that during the show he had a dizzy spell and the tiger, Montecore, bit him so that he would not fall off the stage. Horn was clinically dead for a minute after Montecore bit his throat and tore into his carotid artery. Horn, who was bitten on his 59th birthday, made sure that Montecore was not euthanized. Horn was released from the hospital in December.

Police ask grannies for drug help

Romanian police are asking grandmothers to help them identify drug dealers. Pavel Abraham, head of the Romanian National Anti-Drug Agency, said that as grandmothers drop their grandchildren off at school each morning they should look for potential drug dealers.

New York eatery sues man for tip

A Lake George, N.Y. restaurant sued a man because he left a 10 percent tip instead of the restaurant’s required 18 percent tip. New York police arrested and charged Humberto Taveras of Roslyn Heights with theft of services Sept. 5. Taveras, who ate at Soprano’s Italian and American Grill in Lake George with a party of more than six people, told the Times he left the lesser tip because the food was not very good. Warren County District Attorney Kathleen Hogan dropped the charges filed against Taveras and said he could not be forced to pay the 18 percent tip. The legal fees cost Taveras several hundred dollars.

Sex refusal causes lawsuit

After five days without sex from his wife, a man filed charges against her for domestic abuse. The middle-aged man from the Spanish city of Seville described the sex denials as “degrading.” The judge threw out the case.

New Yorkers can drink on jury duty

A New York judge refused to disregard the verdict in a case against a man accused of stealing items from Ground Zero because of a drunk juror. Samuel Brandon, the man convicted of taking souvenirs in March, requested a new trial after a juror told him he was drunk during deliberations. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Ellen Coin said drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, sleeping and snorting cocaine were not outside influences when it came to jurors, citing a 1987 Supreme Court decision. Coin said what the juror had done was reprehensible, but that she could not change the decision. Brandon will be sentenced Sept. 27; he faces up to a year in jail.

Man hires farmer, proposes with corn

Corey Cook took his girlfriend on a romantic plane ride last week. And as Michelle See looked out of the window, she saw “Michelle, will you marry me” written in corn. The proposal spanned seven acres and a heart surrounded the words. Cook gave her the ring on the plane and See said yes before getting the giggles. Cook hired Brad Leaders, an Ohio farmer, to pull corn plants to make the message. Each of the 22 letters was 5 feet wide.

Couple celebrates wedding at KFC

Jason and Nina Payne of the United Kingdom surprised guests with a wedding reception at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The couple married at Southend register office before chowing down on chicken wings, drum sticks, potato wedges and soda. The couple is honeymooning at Disneyland Paris.

Funeral home scares elderly

An Austrian funeral parlor situated in a nursing home has angered a community by putting coffins in its window. Community residents said the coffins have caused them and their relatives distress. Kurt Leitner, mayor and landlord of the nursing home, said he is working to move the funeral parlor to the back rooms of the nursing home.

Albert Einstein inspiration for Yoda

A new DVD documentary about the Star Wars trilogy reveals that the small green alien Yoda was based on Albert Einstein, the famous German physicist. The documentary also describes how Luke Skywalker was originally meant to be a midget, and Hans Solo a green monster with gills. George Lucas also envisioned Chewbacca as a cross between his dog and the apes from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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