Letters to the Editor

My name is Ali Faruk and I’m contacting you regarding the misquotations in (the Monday Sept. 13) edition of the CT featuring an article (link) about the candlelight vigil.

For one, it quotes me as supporting Jihad, which I didn’t say at all. I said that someone else randomly blamed me for supporting Jihad.

And it wasn’t a meeting in honor of Allah, my e-mail was about a day-long educational program we’re having about the life of Muhammad.

Also, it claims Mark Brewster supported Bush when he never mentioned Bush at all.

Unfortunately – and I’m really sorry to say this – I’ve always come to expect low-quality journalism from the CT, but this is blatantly wrong.
I and all of the others who sponsored the event feel this article completely misrepresented the vigil.

We’d appreciate it if you could print a correction.

Thanks a lot.

Ali Faruk, President
Muslim Students’ Association
Virginia Commonwealth University

Editor’s Note: Please see the correction on Page 2 (link).

In the article “Student groups sponsor candlelight vigil,” why does it read under the picture in the top right hand corner of page three “Mark Brewster voices support for the Bush administration?”

Mark B. Brewster
Virginia Commonwealth University Chairman, College Republicans of VCU

Editor’s Note: Please see the correction on Page 2 (link).

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