Red-hot Rams torch Longwood 11-1

With the first goal scored a fresh two minutes into the game and the final goal with under two minutes remaining, the VCU field hockey team made it clear: in a matter of minutes you could miss a lot.

Of course the team’s head coach Shelly Behrens has a tip for fans that don’t want to miss any action.

“You better get here early,” she said.

A few fans could barely make it to their seats before first year student Carlot Verloop scored the Rams opening goal.

Verloop scored on a penalty corner off an assist by Casey Smith at the 2:50 mark, and the Rams high-powered offense poured in 10 more against visiting Longwood before leaving Cary Street Field with 11-1 victory.

The team is off to its best start in school history, and its 11 goals set a new school record.

“It’s been a great home season,” said head coach Shelly Behrens.
Winning three straight home games, excluding Thursday’s postponed match against the Spiders, the Rams are an intimidating 5-1 for the season.

While the Rams led a cool 5-0 at halftime, it didn’t cool them down as they continued to blaze the field in the second half.

Verloop came out and scored her second goal, again just two minutes into the second half off assists from Ashley Cadwallader and fourth-year student Casey Smith.

“I don’t do it by myself,” Verloop said of the importance of teamwork. “Making the goal is just lucky.”

In a game that Cadwallader described as “smart,” teammate Amy Gallivan dubbed “intense,” and one in which Verloop said her team “ruled the field,” all concurred they worked hard for each other and didn’t slow up their sticks.

“We didn’t settle after we scored,” Verloop said of their constant lead. “We decided how to play.”

When it comes to rain, one might think the Rams have had their share. This time last Sunday, the Rams played under gray skies in drizzling rains mixed with intimidating winds. While nice weather accompanied their latest win, apparently it wouldn’t have mattered one way or the other.

“We like to think we’re solar powered, said Behrens. “Whether it’s rain, a monsoon or fire, we tend to be adaptable.”

Behrens said that after some mid-game changes, the Rams could have gotten sloppy but didn’t.

“They have the ability to keep things mental,” she said.

The Rams have 10 new players this season and Behrens continually aims to give them all a chance on the field. Everyone on the team’s 21-person roster took the field.

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