Art Space showcases student art

When most people think VCU, they think art school. The question to ask yourself is when you think of the University Student Commons do you think of art? If you answered that with a no, then it’s time to expand your horizons and visit the Student Art Space in the Commons that currently features “Lauren and Maddie’s Art Show” through Sept. 17 with artwork by Lauren Duckworth and Maddie Hoch.

Duckworth and Hoch are the only two artists showcasing their artwork together this semester. Most of Duckworth’s work consists of lithographs and mixed mediums. Hoch’s work consists of lithographs, pen and paint and embroidery.

“I’m really inspired by life,” said Hoch, “a lot of my work is a direct reaction from my trip to Scotland.” Many of her works such as her embroidered cows come from Indian crafts and the Indian culture. Duckworth’s work focuses on creating an identity as a woman.

“One series, was called ‘Ladies’ and was playing between title and image.

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