Fighting Gravity floats show

Fighting Gravity played at VCU’s University Student Commons last week for a good cause: future social workers.

Social work professor Robert Schneider organized the show to go toward scholarships for social work students. This was his first time organizing a fundraiser.

“It’s all in the context of rising tuition,” he said about the benefit concert.

One-Eyed Cat opened the show. Joe Walsh, a social work professor, plays drums for the band.

One-Eyed Cat was not a rock band but was more of a jazz/ blues band. It was the kind of band you would find my dad playing in. However they did warm the crowd up and give people time to drink alcohol, which was served throughout the show.

The event had a light to moderate turnout of students coming to groove out with the bands.

Fighting Gravity has a close relationship with VCU. All but one band member has attended VCU. Drummer Michel Boyd is currently a percussion instructor for VCU’s music department. David “Rich” Peterson graduated back in 1999 and is currently working on his masters.

The band show’s was delicious, they gave off the energy of a band playing a packed stadium. The crowd was feeling the band, and the show even raised my spirits.

Midway through the concert, the band invited many girls onstage to dance to one of their songs.

A husband and wife who follow the band around Richmond were at the show. They called the band Richmond’s best kept secret.

Boyd seemed to be the black sheep of the band, in contrast to the other members. He was late to the gig, showing up just before they took stage. Of course when you’re a professor and in a band, you’re likely to be a little stretched for time.

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