Pure “pandemonium!”

Friday night, I entered a place where few adults ever venture.

I stepped into the realm of screaming and excited teenyboppers. It was a place like nothing I have ever known. It was B2K’s Scream Tour 3.

I have seen many televised concerts, spanning from the Beatles to Janet Jackson but nothing compares to the real thing. Being in the middle of chaotic fans is simply mind blowing. The actual event is so much bigger and louder than you could ever imagine. The sound of thousands of young girls yelling at the top of their lungs is an experience. I quickly realized why the tour is named the Scream Tour 3.

This tour consists of some of the hottest young R&B artists currently in the business as well as up-and-coming performers. Artists such as Mario, Nick Cannon and Marques Houston of Immature and “Sister, Sister” fame opened for the headliners, B2K. The tour also features a new duo of young ladies that call themselves Aja.

Much of the crowd put a great deal of thought into their outfits. Without a doubt many airbrush artists were kept busy. Most kids wore T-shirts flaunting the faces of their favorite singers.

I do not see the two young ladies of Aja becoming a huge success. Their vocals were not strong and they were not worthy of opening for such big acts. After a couple of songs it was obvious the crowd was ready for them to exit the stage.

Nick Cannon, actor turned rapper, showed his skills on stage, or at least tried to. The only flaw in his performance was a major one. Most of the songs he performed were remakes of early ’80s classics originally performed by Run DMC and LL Cool J. in his “I Need Love” days. The crowd was not old enough to remember those songs; it seemed like the oldest person there was around 15 years old. The kids were not seasoned enough to appreciate such good music. Now I can finally relate to all those times my mother told me I did not appreciate oldies-but-goodies music.

Marques Houston’s set was more geared toward an older crowd, perhaps in their 20s. His performance was doused with sexual lyrics and sensual dance movements. Before he sang a song about his first time, he asked how many people could relate. Oddly enough thousands of teenagers nodded their heads as to go along with him. I did not think singing a song about losing his virginity was appropriate.

I absolutely adored B2K. Their acrobatic entrance, which featured pyrotechnics, was exciting and a little shocking, leaving me on the edge of my seat during their performance. No one knew what was coming next. The screams seemed to intensify with every second the young men were on stage.

From the moment they entered through the floor, jumping yards in the air, to their exit through the stage floor, I was engulfed in every aspect of their performance. I was intrigued with the dancing, singing and skits where they showed off their acting skills.

B2K displayed their skills as all-around performers. They have perfected their craft, especially for being so young. I am not able to say that about most singers, but they are well deserving of such a description.

As a group they performed all the songs that made them famous; “I Need a Girlfriend”, “Why I Love You” and the popular dance hit “Bump Bump Bump.” B2K also displayed their individual talents. J-Boog did a dance solo, which was quite provocative, Lil’ Fizz rapped and Raz-B and Omarion sang.

Omarion came out lying on a pure white sofa in silk boxers and a fur coat for his set. His performance was nowhere near being PG-13.

Overall I loved the show. I never knew I could have such a good time partying with young kids. I hope to see a Scream Tour 4 next year because I know it can only get bigger and better. At least by next year most of the crowd will be old enough to legally watch the PG-13 show.

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