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WWE Smackdown!

Kurt Angle promises to get his revenge against Brock Lesnar and asks for not a match, but a fight against Lesnar and Vince McMahon. McMahon responds by saying this business is about what he wants, and adds that if Angle touches Lesnar or McMahon tonight, McMahon will fire Angle. McMahon announces Angle’s opponent for the night, the Big Show. Angle immediately attacks the Big Show and security pulls him away backstage.

Backstage, McMahon adds a stipulation to the Angle vs. Big Show match: It’s a falls-count-anywhere street fight.

Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy: Billy Kidman is banned from ringside after the referee sees him threatening Shannon Moore. Moore later tries to interfere, but Zack Gowen evens the odds by hitting Hardy with a cane. Mysterio wins by pin.

McMahon gives Lesnar his opponent for the night: Zach Gowen. Lesnar promises to break Gowhan’s leg.

Billy Gunn and Jamie Noble vs. the Basham Brothers: Doug Basham pins Noble, although Danny Basham was the legal man.

Brock Lesnar vs. Zach Gowen: Lesnar tosses Gowen around before disqualifying himself by using a steel chair.

John Cena and A-Train vs. Orlando Jordan and the Undertaker: A-Train hits Undertaker in the ribs with a chain, allowing Cena to give Undertaker a roll-up pin.

After the match, Sable tells A-Train she wants to personally think him for helping McMahon, and that she’ll be waiting for him at a penthouse.

Eddie Guerrero and Rhyno vs. Tajiri and Chris Benoit: Rhyno pins Tajiri after using the Gore. After the match, Eddie Guerrero hits Rhyno with his Title belt.

Kurt Angle vs. the Big Show, falls count anywhere street fight: Angle ambushes the Big Show as the Big Show’s introduction starts. Kurt Angle eventually Angleslams the Big Show through a table and pins him.

After the match, Brock Lesnar walks out to the entryway and stares down Angle.

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