Meet Amy Moorefield


assistant director and curator of collections, Anderson Gallery


Bachelor of Arts in art history, museum studies track, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Her role at the gallery:

management of public relations, exhibition organization, financial operations and curator of the collection in the Anderson Gallery. Oversees and supervises the activities of the museum secondary to gallery Director Ned Potter.

How she became interested in the arts:

Beginning in the fourth grade, Moorefield attended a weekly program for students interested in the arts called the Old Donation for the Gifted and Talented. There she learned about art history and experimented with different mediums. She attended the program until she graduated from high school.

“The Old Donation gave me the opportunity to foster my love of art,” Moorefield said.

How Moorefield came to work at the Anderson Gallery:

Moorefield interned at the Anderson Gallery from 1994-1995. Moorefield helped design an arts program with the National College Athletic Association, which was the first summer arts program for children in the city. After completing a year as an intern, Moorefield was asked to remain at the Anderson Gallery.


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