Career Center Web site offers job connections

What can you see on the University Career Center’s Career Connections Web site?

Everything a student needs to find job opportunities, said Dunstan Williams, a criminal justice major.

“I check it almost everyday to see what jobs are out there. They always have new information,” he said. “It’s a good tool to utilize.”

Like other VCU students, Williams posted his resume on Career Connections, a Web site designed for students to access employment information among other things. Students who register to use the site in the Career Center must meet with assigned counselors to help them critique and post their resumes.

“Counselors review the resumes and make sure they are in good format,” said Tricia Van Rossun, a peer adviser for the center. “They’re also able to contact students when new jobs come in.”

Cheryl Melton, director of the center, explained that meeting with a counselor is necessary because the counselors know what employers want to see on job applications.

“Big things like leadership roles, extra-curricular activities and organizations…,” she said. “Students leave these out, and these are what employers are looking for.

“Some students don’t articulate what their skills are, and employers are looking for key words like ‘familiar with AP style’ or acknowledgment of the ability to use certain software. We can help with these things. We want to make sure the resume represents the student well.”

Student Webinars

1. Search for job opportunities

2. Upload documents

3. Manage applications

Webinars are guided hands-on training containing “live” navigation buttons to simulate functions of a product.

Students post their resumes on Career Connections by clicking “upload a resume” on the Web site and upload the resume from their disk or network drive for employers to access. Melton says this feature is especially beneficial to users.

“A student can go in, post a resume, sign up for an interview and request to be notified of the status of the position all in one fell swoop,” she said. “It’s very efficient.”

Another feature on Career Connections called “The Student Experience,” offers a newsletter in the resource section of the site. The newsletter provides feedback from students at different universities who have taken advantage of their career centers. This feature also includes assessments of the hiring market and tips on successful networking.

Webinars offer training sessions for students to effectively utilize other components of the Web site. For instance, “Searching for Job Opportunities,” helps users navigate through the site and guides them step-by-step through the job-search process. All sessions are available with audio.

Aside from job opportunities, Career Connections lists internship and co-op positions, plus it lists various search methods for finding a job and offers sample cover letters and resumes as well as upcoming campus interviews and events.

“We’re passionate about helping people find good jobs – jobs that pay good money,” Melton said. “All the information is right there (on the site). It’s pretty easy to find. Students have got to take the initiative to come in to the center and ask for what they need.”

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