While you were out

‘Six Feet Under’

Lisa visits Brenda at her massage parlor, although Brenda doesn’t know that Lisa is Nate’s wife. They get along fairly well and it seems like these two could possibly be seen together in future episodes. Meanwhile Keith takes David out and they compete against each other in a gay paintball game. One of Keith’s friends ends up coming back with them and he invites himself into bed with them. Rico convinces Vanessa that she has a problem with depression. Claire learns from her art teacher’s former assistant that

he sleeps with one of his students each year. She quits working for him and then worries if he has made a move on her boyfriend, Russel. Ruth and Arthur kiss for the first time and Arthur’s resistance to having a relationship with Ruth fades by the end of the episode.


Jessica Biel and Nick Lachey were Ashton Kutcher’s victims this week. Biel had a run-in with the child from hell. He thought that he would be better for her than the man she was at dinner with. Dax pulled out the white-trash wig that he had used on Mandy Moore to pull a prank on Nick Lachey of 98 degrees with the help of his wife, Jessica Simpson. He played Simpson’s long lost cousin who wanted to park his trailer on Lachey and Simpson’s property. The part that I enjoyed the most was when Dax’s “son” belted out an Enrique Iglesias song to impress Lachey. The last prank of the episode was on some unsuspecting kids with expensive cars. Al and Dax played valet’s who refused to give the teenagers their cars back. A particularly amusing part was when one of the girls was speaking Russian to her mother and Al accused her of talking gibberish, needless to say she wasn’t pleased.

‘American Idol’

Fans got a double dose of everyone’s favorite reality show this week when it showed up in “Boston Public’s” time slot on Monday night. Personally, I believe the real reason for this was so that Ryan Seacrest could plug that night’s premiere of “Mr. Personality.” The show was basically a clip show along with interviews of each of the remaining six and a few performances. On Tuesday night the cast performed songs by famous songwriter Diane Warren. Kimberly Locke had the standout performance according to the judges who warned Clay and Ruben to watch out for her. Basically, Simon made it clear last night who he expects to be in the final three and who he expects to be out in the near future. He told Carmen, his pick in the wild card show, that she “couldn’t win this competition.” Look for her to go on Wednesday night.



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