While you were out

“That ’70s Show”

Eric is pressured by the man who sold him the engagement ring to pay for it or return the ring. Since he has no job and no money he decides to return the ring. Donna continues to have problems rooming with Jackie, but ends up being content with the living situation when she finds out that Jackie paid for her engagement ring without anyone knowing about it. Hyde and Kelso end up working in the same hotel kitchen. Because Kelso continues to flaunt his former relationship with Jackie in front of Hyde, Hyde decides to get him back. He forces Kelso to do chores for him by saying that he has firing power over him.

“Sorority Life/Fraternity Life”

The battle between DZO and Sigma Chi continues as the girls and boys both attack each other’s houses. Tensions run high between Nicole and the sisters because of her relationship with rival fraternity pledge, Tim. There is also a bit of drama about the Sigma Chi pledges stealing a DZO pledge banner after the DZO pledges trash their house…the first time. They were given a mission to steal the banner and then have the pledges sign a T-shirt, which states that the pledges are stupid for having let them steal the banner. To get their shirt signed the Sigma Chi pledges agree to clean their house and steal as many personal belongings as they can right under the sisters’ and pledges’ noses. DZO then trashed the Sigma Chi house again, then Sigma Chi trashed the DZO pledge house, and the final attack of this episode was the girls throwing tampons at the Sigma Chi pledge house. However, the boys won out in the end having accomplished their mission and presenting both the banner and the signed T-shirt to their pledge master.

“American Idol”

America was sorely cheated last Wednesday night. There was a little announcement made that there wouldn’t be a cut this week because Corey was kicked off earlier in the week for lying about his pending charges for abusing his sister. On the upside, the show had its interesting moments. One audience member asked Paula what she would do if she just happened to see Simon on the street one day (without knowing him), and she said she’d go up and give him a big kiss. Also, the bottom three was a complete surprise. The three included Carmen, Kim Locke (who did a fabulous rendition of “It’s Raining Men” on the last show) and Trynece (who can almost do Whitney Houston justice). Go figure, America.

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