Will the real winners please stand up

VCU SGA Elections

Congratulations to … the

2003-2004 SGA president and vice president

Election results will be posted soon

I am debating what this “soon” is since it has been soon for many days now.

I do not think there is a new SGA president and vice president. I do not think anyone won the election which is why the results are taking so long to calculate.

Perhaps Mickey Mouse and Pluto won in a landslide. Or Gilligan and the Skipper, too. Maybe Batboy and Pixel Man were victorious.

The world may never know. So, in the interim, I will be appointing myself SGA president with my vice president MercuryZero, lord of the Macs.

Together, we will bring you all the great things the other three candidate pairings proposed, except we will actually do it.

As your president, there is no need for formality, you should still refer to me as Bob, or Ask Bob. No President Bob, nothing formal, just Bob like the friends we are.

As president, I will have an open- door policy. If you ever have a problem with anything here on campus, all you have to do is come by and we will work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Gone is the era of the SGA being present on campus and deciding your budgets. Gone will be this ephemeral organization that only pops up when they want your votes.

We will be out helping the people! We do not believe in hiding from the student body. How many of you can honestly name our current SGA president and vice president?

Obviously not VCU, they misspelled the name of our vice president and also gave them both the title of president.



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