Lil’ Kim’s ‘La Belle Mafia’ strikes out

The third time is the charm. That sentiment does not apply for Lil’ Kim. “La Belle Mafia” is Lil’ Kim’s third solo album attempt. In my opinion the only thing she attempted to do was have her album bomb. Don’t get me wrong, she has skills, but they just were not put to the test.

Not even guest appearances from other artists could boost the quality of this album. Usually other artists are featured to bring something different, if not better, to the table. Unfortunately, most of the guest rappers on Lil’ Kim’s album had skills that did not mix well with hers.

On the brighter side, there are three artists that aid tremendously in a couple of songs. Lil’ Kim should call them her super heroes because they came to her rescue.

Mr. Cheeks is featured on the current hit single, “Jump Off.” This is the best song on the album, and I am not exaggerating.

Another descent song is one that features 50 Cent called “Magic Stick.” 50 Cent is pretty hot right now and he blends well with her style.

Another rapper by the name of Twista collaborated in the song, “Thug Luv.” Putting him on the album was probably the best decision Lil’ Kim has ever made. Although not many people are familiar with him, his fast pace rapping is enjoyable to listen to.

I don’t want to break down Lil’ Kim’s efforts, but she did not step up to the plate this time around. In many, if not most, songs, the beats are better than the raps themselves. She certainly added to the rap-artist clich

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