Maroon5’s ‘Songs About Jane’ sounds like success

Maroon5 has been together since 1995. Back then they were known as Kara’s Flowers, but it hasn’t been until recently that they have gotten a taste of recognition. So far their crowning moment may have been their video for “Harder to Breathe” playing on a TV in the music section of Target.

This is not saying that they don’t deserve recognition, it has just been a long time coming. “Songs About Jane” will hopefully provide them with the attention that they deserve. Their sound is rich and soulful, which I certainly didn’t expect simply from looking at them.

It is also a wonder that such a powerful voice can come out of thin the singer, Adam Levine. In songs like “The Sun” he sounds like a blues woman, which is quite interesting considering the fact that he is neither African-American nor female.

They lessen up the drum and bass with some lighter instruments on “Must Get Out.” It is much simpler than many of their other songs and has more of an atmospheric vibe.

“Sunday Morning” is a sweet little sing-along ditty. The dance break, complete with a bit of scratchin’, is one of the ultimate points of “Songs About Jane.”

There are a few sleepy songs that don’t measure up to the rest of the CD. “Secret” and “Sweetest Goodbye” stray from the R&B/ funk plus rock formula that works so well for them.

Although it’s terrible to say, the single “Harder to Breathe” has to be the best song. The way that Levine emphasizes each lyric on the beat is catchy to the point that his voice will be ringing in your head for days. The chaotic peak of the song with a Santana-like guitar and a panting lead singer overlapping the chorus sounds amazing.

“Not Coming Home” is a close second best. And along with being a great song, the hook has a bit of a Michael Jackson (circa 1980) flavor. It shows their prowess as a live band.

“Through With You” is another booming song that has single written all over it.

“Songs About Jane” is a CD that you’ll want to get to hear because it’s by a band on the cusp of success. Although Marroon5 won’t be found on TRL, the music industry will certainly find a place for them.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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