DJ Dara introduces drum ‘n’ bass to masses

Ever heard of drum ‘n’ bass?

No, I’m not talking about the band- I’m talking about a genre of electronic music. Don’t worry, not many people here in Richmond have, or anywhere else for that matter. But drum ‘n bass is on the rise and it’s making its way down here.

For you d-n-b heads out there, better known as, junglists, this review will be easy to follow, but for all of the newbies it may be a little confusing- try to keep up anyway! Dara mixes jungle (deep, dark d-n-b) with atmospheric (lighter, softer d-n-b). This continues with the new CD. The atmospheric element is dark, but still soft. The CD starts off with a mellow track you could chill out to, but then Dara goes into some harder stuff so don’t get too relaxed! At this point, you will want to jump up and dance! (Dara’s got that kind of power, as any good DJ/producer should.)

Throughout the CD, you find tracks going from hard and deep to soft and pretty with the mood remaining dark. OK, I know it sounds strange that the music jumps around from atmospheric to jungle, but it is the continuous dark element that makes this CD flow smoothly. The bass is nice and deep, not overly done, but just right, quite catchy! Dara does a nice job switching up the beat so that it doesn’t get too monotonous. The tracks on the CD are not as distinct as in, “Full Circle,” for example (another of Dara’s CDs), where each track was totally different from all of the other. The tracks in “Exercise 01” have a degree of similarity throughout the run of the CD, but its not to the point where you feel you’ve been listening to one very long song! There is still enough individuality between tracks to keep you interested- mostly in the switch from jungle to atmospheric.

Basically, this is a pretty good CD. I wouldn’t call it a must-have, but I’m not disappointed that I bought it. I am not a big fan of atmospheric music, but I like it in this CD. It will have you grooving from start to finish, although I will warn you that it is a little toned down compared to Dara’s other CD’s. And the best part is that it only costs $8. I highly recommend this CD.

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