While you were out

“Six Feet Under”

This week we see Ruth developing stronger feelings for Bettina, even asking Billy and Claire if she should call her to set up another “date,” not letting them know that the person she had in mind was a woman. David and Keith head down to a resort, where David’s insecurities about his homosexuality arise once again. David appears to loosen up eventually, but on the car ride back David and Keith begin to bicker again. Lisa quits working for rude and demanding boss Carol, so she and Nate end up having to move in with his mother, Ruth. Rico’s own insecurities about being a funeral director come up when a college-aged girl dies and has him thinking about his family dying. Claire has a new, unique, art teacher who is fond of her work. She stops seeing Phil because she can’t handle having an “open relationship,” which is basically his excuse for cheating on her.


This show focuses on celebrities in their natural environment, which just so happens to be filled with land-mines thanks to mischievous Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher’s expert team of helpers stole their first victim Frankie Muniz’s Porsche Speedster. In an act of desperation Muniz called his cell phone, which was in his Porsche, and began bartering with the “thief” for his car even saying he would pay for him and his girlfriend to go to Hawaii. For round two, Justin Timberlake was told that he owed $900,000 in unpaid taxes and that he was having his house, cars, and all of his belongings taken by the government. The greatest part of this scam was the obnoxious man, planted to deal with Timberlake who kept saying that Justin’s house and cars weren’t worth that much. A frustrated and at times teary-eyed Justin phoned his mom for comfort, who was in on the scam from the beginning. Their final scheme involved planting an 8-year-old on the red carpet to mistake celebrities for other celebrities as well as ask them rude questions, even trying to solicit dates from stars like Christina Aguilera.

“American Idol”

The contestants finally came into their own on Tuesday’s show and the judges commented that this seasons cast far surpasses last seasons in general. Corey finally got the bad review he deserved and Julia and Carmen hit their low points as well. Simon told Clay that he was officially the one to beat after his fabulous rendition of “Somewhere Out There.”

Ruben also swept the crowd away with a stellar performance of “A Whole New World” from the Disney film, “Aladdin.” He was described as “America’s velvet teddy bear.”

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