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Did you think that leprechauns were cute little green guys who are always ready and willing to grant you wishes? Well, if you mess with their gold, they get mighty feisty, as we learn in the first of the cult movie series “Leprechaun.” You might know the starring leprechaun, Warwick Davis, from “Willow,” and “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston plays the leading lady, Tory. The other actors aren’t nearly so recognizable. The comedy never ends with this movie, the greatest of the five (the sixth is currently in production). The Leprechaun finds the most hilarious ways of slaughtering his victims, such as pogo-sticking a man to death. The best scenes are with Davis riding on his tricycle and maniacally speeding down a hospital hall in a wheelchair. The greatest lines are “Diddly diddly dee, the leprechaun is me” and “How’s your leg?” when he kicks Nathan (Ken Olandt) in the leg while lauging. The overacting is terrible, which makes the movie even funnier.

“Leprechaun 2”

Davis is back and hungry for some sweet loving. He finds his bride-to-be, Bridget (Shevonne Durkin), is already taken, but that isn’t going to him. He puts a spell on her and as soon as she sneezes three times, she’s in his grasp. Cody (Charlie Heath), her boyfriend, must foil the Leprechaun’s plan. The Leprechaun kills some people, steals his bride and takes her to his underground lair. Unlike the last movie, where a four-leafed clover was needed to kill a Leprechaun, it’s rod iron this time. Cody’s uncle Morty seals his fate when he traps the Leprechaun and demands a wish. He asks to be granted the Leprechaun’s gold, and he gets it, only there is a twist that I dare not give away. In the end, Cody ventures into the Leprechaun’s home to save Bridget, but little does he know that a leprechaun’s home holds many secrets and even more tricks. The real highlight of the movie is seeing the Leprechaun drunk.

“Leprechaun 3”

In the third installment of the “Leprechaun” series, the Leprechaun goes to Vegas. He’s missing a gold shilling and will recover it by any means necessary. The shilling gets passed around from person to ill-fated person at the Golden Shamrock casino. The allure of the shilling is that it grants a wish to those who possess it. The Leprechaun follows his shilling around the casino and makes sure that the wishers get their wishes in the most gruesome way. Meanwhile, our slightly dorky main character Scott (John Gatins) is trying to win the heart of Tammy (Lee Armstrong), the magician’s sexy assistant, who is trying to avoid Mitch (Michael Callan), the overly amorous casino manager. The twist is that Scott was exposed to leprechaun blood earlier and is slowly transforming into a greener version of himself. In the end, Scott must ultimately choose between love and money and destroy the Leprechaun once again. Of course, he’ll be back. He’ll always be back. Watch out for the Leprechaun in hospital scrubs – he’s so darn cute!

“Leprechaun 4: In Space”

This is undoubtedly the worst movie of the “Leprechaun” series. The story line is bad, the acting is worst, but the kicker is the fact that it is hardly funny at all. Fast forward a few centuries and we find the Leprechaun on a distant planet trying to woo Princess Zarina (Rebekah Carlton) to gain the title of king. However, a group of U. S. Marines stationed on the same planet foil his plans. The toilet humor is at an all-time high in this installment of the series. After being killed for the first time, in this movie, the Leprechaun is urinated on, but that soldier certainly isn’t so happy when he births the Leprechaun out an uncomfortable place. This film is ruined by the fact that there are not enough scenes with the Leprechaun and the ones that he is in aren’t quirky, but they are rather dull. It seems that the filmmakers were trying too hard to make a real action flick with “Leprechaun 4,” and they certainly missed the mark.

“Leprechaun in the Hood”

This is quite possibly the lowest of the low in the “Leprechaun” series, only being outdone by the fourth. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it by principle, but with lines like, “a friend with weed is a friend indeed” being the high point, it can only be so good. This time, the Leprechaun is after three up-and-coming rappers who end up taking his gold to get to Las Vegas in order to enter a contest. They unwittingly free the Leprechaun from his statue state and, he paints the town red-with blood, that is. If the “Leprechaun” movies were ever really horror movies, the legacy was lost with this movie because it’s far more comedy than horror. Look out for the soundtrack to this movie featuring my personal favorite, “Lep’ in the Hood.”

Chocolate Mint Brownies: A treat the Leprechaun would kill for


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