‘Shanghai Noon’ outdone by ‘Shanghai Knights’

“Shanghai Knights,” the sequel to “Shanghai Noon,” maintains the comic ingenuity of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. In the sequel, Chan’s character, Chon Wang, and Wilson’s character, Roy O’Bannon, travel to England. After receiving a great amount of gold in the first film, Wang became the sheriff of Carson City, Nevada, while O’ Bannon moved to New York to invest the money in the stock market.

An unknown Chinese gang kills Wang’s father, who was guarding the Emperor’s royal seal. Wang’s sister Lin, played by Fann Wong, witnesses the murder and follows the gang to England. After receiving the news, Wang calls on O’ Bannon to help him avenge his father’s death and reclaim the royal seal.

This sequel combines the comic talents of Owen Wilson with the martial arts prowess of Jackie Chan. One of the most interesting fight scenes is the revolving door fight sequence, in which Chan and a policeman take on each other. It is obvious that this creative sequence took a great deal of planning and practice.

Wilson brightens the film with his unique brand of humor.

Only he could turn an everyday sentence into a comic masterpiece. The film is set soon after America’s victory in the Revolutionary War, so Britain provides great fodder for his smart-aleck remarks.

In the different locales that the movie shows definitely add to the film.

“Shanghai Knights” has more excitement and action than the first film, with an even more hilarious plot. The clever remarks that O’Bannon makes about refusing to invest in the automobile industry are so nonsensical that they keep the audience laughing. In addition, the fictional story about Arthur Conan Doyle conceiving the idea of Sherlock Holmes and the tale of Charlie Chaplin ending up in Hollywood kept the hilarity going.

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