How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days follows the basic movie formula

Romantic comedies have been rolling out at an increased speed lately. Perhaps we Americans need something to make us feel happy inside because the state of the nation is certainly nothing to laugh at.

Politics aside, we apparently need romantic comedies right now, and thus the ones being produced need to be well done. After seeing “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days,” I can guarantee that Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson will soon be in even higher demand.

This movie is nothing award worthy, but then romantic comedies almost never are. The plot is completely predictable. Each bind that Andie (Hudson) and Ben (McConaughey) get themselves into has an even more predictable solution. That too seems to come with the territory of romantic comedies. What these movies really bank on is their ability to make people laugh and leave the theater feeling better than they did when they came. This mission was definitely accomplished.

Hudson lights up the screen as quirky Andie, who is secretly writing an article titled “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.” McConaughey is equally hilarious as his character, Ben, tries to keep Andie under control and still win her heart. Of course his intentions aren’t pure either. He made a bet that he could get a girl to fall in love with him in 10 days. So, as Andie and Ben work toward their opposite goals, they create some fabulous comedy. This result is enhanced by the chemistry between Hudson and McConaughey, which is good, although not on the Richard Gere/Julia Roberts scale.

What makes this movie great and sets it apart from the typical chick flick is that guys will find it funny too. Watching Andie do all the things guys hate will inspire enthusiasm among men everywhere. As I watched, I could hear whispers of sympathy and understanding when Ben would find feminine products stashed everywhere. At the same time, girls will enjoy watching Ben try to do everything right in the relationship.

Despite the obvious plot of “chance throws boy and girl together and they end up liking each other even though they aren’t supposed to” and a good portion of the jokes, this movie fulfills the ultimate goal of comedies. It keeps the audience in stitches.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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