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Bob Note: The following is completely made up and untrue. It is just a thought. Do NOT take this seriously.

In an unusual move, VCU has decided to use the space reserved for the new student dining facility for a new trailer park.

This is being done to help raise revenue for the university that is reeling as a result of the budget cuts.

Such cuts have left departments without chalk, markers, paper and in some instances, without classes.

The gravel pit will be used to house between 50 and 75 trailer homes for low-income families around the Richmond area.

The proud sign stating construction will begin in January 2003 still stands, now surrounded by fencing and no trespassing signs.

The lack of activity caused some of us to question whether there ever would be a new dining facility to replace the aging Hibbs.

Now we have our answer, certainly not. This space will be used for trailers. The first three trailers can already be seen at the far end of the gravel, near Johnson Hall.

The added revenue should allow the English Department to once again supply instructors and students with chalk, markers and paper.

In addition, 30 trailers will be reserved for members of the sociology and psychology departments to carry out experiments and projects.

This will be Richmond’s only operating trailer park and is set to open by the early spring, once a deal is secured to import 50 brand new trailers from Clarke County, VA.

These 50 trailers will be enough to clear Monroe Park as well as give many of the families that currently live on the streets a place to stay.

VCU will generate $600,000 per year from the first 50 trailers.This does not include additional money generated by the second phase of 30 trailers for university use.

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