Food Not Bombs helps, not hinders community

First, I am not a representative for Food Not Bombs, but I respect what they do. It seems that Alexander Marra is desperate to stir up some readership for his attempts at humor by mocking the work that Food Not Bombs does [‘No (meat) soup for you!,’ Feb. 20]. I cannot speak for Food Not Bombs’ reasons for serving vegan fare, but i believe it is a good idea. If you are trying to create an atmosphere of compassion by temporarily alleviating the suffering of some of the people in your community, it’s not a bad idea to serve food that doesn’t require killing sentient beings (Please do not write an article on the emotions of plants). Also, vegan food is good for you, and substantial enough to support lots of vegans worldwide. Mr. Marra also says that Food Not Bombs is “a strange clan who somehow puts food and bombs in the same category.” I’m not positive, but I think that the use of the word “NOT” that is separating the “FOOD” and the “BOMBS” effectively puts them in different categories. I hope Mr. Marra will expend some energy attacking things that harm us, like factory farms, which pollute our natural resources and torment animals, instead of groups that spend their free time feeding homeless people. Marra includes two “interviews” with dissatisfied people eating the food. Well, here is Mr.Marra’s chance to put his money where his mouth is, and invite those folks over for a homemade meat fest of his own creation. They are owed that for being used for this lame OP/ED.

Matt Fitzgerald

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