Soap Box: Sell your forehead!

Sell your forehead!

Read about it here:, search for “student foreheads”

Would you sell your forehead for an extra $143 every week?
A lot of people would, and are, in England. The agency, Cunning Stunts, has hit upon something here. They use students to sell products by pasting it on their foreheads.

This is an amusing idea, especially if products like acne medications or face soaps were marketed this way.

When confronted with this story, I did not believe it either, but it is true. Students across the Atlantic are selling their foreheads for profit.
I think it’s an excellent idea. We all have foreheads, but what do we actually do with them?

For most people, they just sit there and connect our face to our hair.
Why not let your forehead work for you? I would sell my forehead to make an extra $143 every week.

Now that the forehead has been sold into advertising, what is next?
This opens the doors for a whole new form of marketing. T-shirts are too common. Even pants are predictable.

What about backs? People get their backs tattooed, why not sell it to an advertiser for a hefty fee instead?

Why not take advantage of the bulging belly of a large man and create a walking advertisement?

I dare not ponder where this could lead, as there are too many dirty minded ideas that may arise from this.

So I will stop while I am ahead and let you think of them instead.

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