Zodiac Cookies, horoscopes in convenient cookie form

Aries: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you
can do for yourself.

Taurus: Your fingernails, when used properly, can bring much
pain to those who might smite you.

Gemini: Like thyme through the hour glass, so are the days
of your life.

Cancer: Be a kid again today; just dont throw sand in the
playground. That’s nothing but trouble.

Leo: You’re the star of your own movie. Let’s
hope it’s not one of those after-school specials.

Virgo: Reach out and touch somebody, now there is a lawsuit
waiting to happen.

Libra: Keep chasing your rainbow. Eventually you will find
the gold.

Scorpio: Have you hugged your teddy bear today?

Sagittarius: -) The cyclops smiley deserves just as much love
as the normal one. Keep this in mind during all your ventures.

Capricorn: It is now up to you to save the unicorns. Start
by believing in miracles.

Aquarius: Uncle Sam wants you…to look into promising experiences
with VCU’s own CT.

Pisces: Today you should look for similarities between yo-yos
and your life.

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