Zodiac Cookies

Aries: Look for ways to combine nature and music this week.
Taurus: Stay away from aerosol cans for exactly three days if

you wish to be successful on your next college paper.

Gemini: Much like the violin, your hair might soon become stringy.

Cancer: Learn to separate the pizza from the pepperoni.

Leo: Slot Machines could well be the root of all that is evil.


Virgo: If you find yourself on one of two trains that are traveling

toward each other at a rate of 150 mph, forget the math and evacuate.

Libra: Roll the dice; if the sum is odd then you must hold your

breath the next time you walk past a trash can or risk altering the universal


Scorpio: God is good, God is great, run to class or you’ll

soon be late.

Sagittarius: Look for the letters CT, they will soon lead you

to the path of greatness.

Capricorn: The outfit doesn’t make the girl; the girl makes

the outfit, but where do all the designers, factories and machines fit in?

Aquarius: You are akin to ice in that you are less dense than

water. Congratulations.

Pisces: It’s a dog-eat-dog world, so don’t let wild

horses stop you from letting the cat out of the bag.

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