Moseley House: new home to graduate studies

The School of Graduate Studies is out of the doghouse, or rather, the basement.

The school moved from its home of 12 years in the basement of Ginter House to the three-story red brick Moseley House across from the library.

“We finally have natural light,” said Lori Floyd, administrative assistant to the dean of graduate studies.

To christen their new home, the school hosted an open house last Wednesday afternoon, complete with catered food and guided tours.

The open house, Floyd said, served as a chance for graduate faculty and students to see the new building and become better acquainted with F. Douglas Boudinot, who became dean in August. A car crash he was involved in cancelled the previously scheduled annual graduate faculty meeting.

The previous administration was segmented because the dean was located in Founders Hall, Floyd said.

“It makes things so much more efficient having everyone in the same building,” she said.

Each office has a distinct fireplace and the backyard is a golf putting green, which Floyd said she expects to get plenty of use out of during the warmer season.

While the first and second floors house the dean’s suite and the admissions counselors’ offices, the third floor has been dedicated solely to the mission of the Graduate Student Association. The space will serve as the organization’s permanent headquarters.

GSA President Bert Waters said he’s grateful to have the office space.

“We’re hoping to attract more graduate students with an attractive office,” he said.

Facilities management was the previous resident of the Moseley House before moving to Grace Street to connect all of its branches.

Floyd said the school is happy to have the elbowroom.

“In Ginter, everyone was piled on top of each other,” she said. “We’ve got space now.”

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