Phantom radio, glowing tennis players and Dave Barry’s Weblog

If you are having trouble with your tennis volley, what color socks should one wear to turn this disadvantage to his favor?

Mike Stormo

Mr. Stormo,
One would wear neon yellow socks with lightening bugs duct taped to them for extra brightness.
There is no way an opponent would maintain the ability to return any serves or anything else. He would most certainly be blinded and rendered harmless by the glowing footwear.
What better way to throw off someone’s ability to return a tennis serve than with glowing socks? I feel other sports could benefit from this.
Take football. If the Oakland Raiders had glowing footwear in the Super Bowl, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would not have stood a chance.
If you were to implement this addition to synchronized swimming, there could be amazing leaps and bounds made in the sports based on the new element of light introduced into the sport.
Just think of the possible amusement that would come from using these socks and expanding the catalog flashing, glowing garments to shirts, pants and hats.
Rowing or “crew” could be made excellent with the addition of a few well-placed glowing people. Just think: you are watching two boats full of people rowing their hearts out. And one of them breaks out their secret weapon… glowing shirts!
Suddenly, there is one entire boat of glowing people! No one would see that coming, literally!

Bob note: There were no fire flies harmed in the writing of this answer. I do not promote the duct taping of any insect to socks or other clothing articles.
Also, I do not mean to demean any sport by promoting the addition of glowing people. If you take offense to this answer, then think… wouldn’t glowing bats or helmets be amusing? If you do not think so, then you lack the correct sense of humor needed to read. Please turn directly to the back cover and enjoy some fine advertising.

What ever happened to the WVCW, the VCU radio station?


First off, you score 100 Bob points for knowing of WVCW. Second, you score another 36 points for correctly naming it’s call letters. Finally, you score cool points for have a neet-o name.
You see, the tale of WVCW is a long and sad one…
One day, there was a merry band of college kids, who happily produced radio shows and played excellent music that you could listen to for hours without getting tired or bored with it.
They even did amusing talk show programs and sent people out in search or wacky things.
However, now the station is silent. This is not because of the dedicated staff running it. It is because licenses were never secured to continue the webcasting.
So now the station has no real signal for the masses to listen to and enjoy. There is a way to listen to the station, if you like. It can be found at their Web site (
This is a labor of love. They could have easily abandoned the station and their dreams of working in radio, but no. They have persevered through countless obstacles.
No matter what, the good people at WVCW keep smiling. We think it is the amount of caffeine they consume, but who knows.
If you are interested in this fine station and the excellent folks who run it, drop by on them sometime. They don’t bite, promise. Just do not make any sudden moves and everyone will be fine.
Seriously though, if you wish to find out more about the station, get some real world experience doing your own show or just learning the ropes, check out the Web site ( in case you have a short attention span or forget things easily). Or, you can contact them the following ways:

Office: T. Edward Temple Building,
Room 1123


Office Line:

[email protected]


Now there is another way to enjoy the great, prolific writer that suprasses all others…

Dave Barry’s Weblog

That’s it my friends! The stupendous, amazing, marvelous, spifferific Dave Barry, writer for the Miami Herald, now has a personal site to amuse you throughout the day.
Bob endorses it 100%! Also, Vote Dave Barry in 2004! Find out more at

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