In response to Miss Davidson

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to a Jan. 30 letter to the editor regarding Mike Talley’s Jan. 16 cartoon.

I agree with Miss Davison, Mr. Talley did present us with a “poorly drawn cartoon.” It lacked tremendously in both detail and accuracy. See, a true picture of VCU’s security would be an empty desk…for all the “guards” are outside smoking!

This is an abomination. These folks not only are supposed to be our protection from the swine of the city but indeed they represent this university. They represent this university as visitors must pass their station at every dorm tour. And what do they see? They see a bunch of heavily pierced, bath-deprived, scruffy looking excuses for human beings who spend their time and our money blasting a boombox with the latest in scream music as their expressionless, brain-dead faces stare into the World Wide Web.

Oh, Miss Davison, I know very well what is in your job description as you so brilliantly told us, but nowhere in there does it say, “Treat the guests like dirt.” And yet this is what I encounter every time I enter one of VCU’s finest housing facilities. Whether it’s the sign-in procedure and my cards are thrown at me or maybe simply the angry stares our students and their parents receive, VCU security never seems to disappoint us in our expectation, for at least they are consistent.

But alas, the security does do some work, after all, this letter to the editor was written. There is lots of time for typing letters to “low quality publications” when lounging around all day.

I wonder, would VCU be able to survive without these fine individuals? My answer is not only yes, but that we would be better off.

Abdul Sharim
West Grace resident

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