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Athletes raise awareness for sexual assault

April 20, 2015 admin 0

In an effort to stop sexual assault on college campuses, VCU’s student-athletes hosted an awareness campaign at the Compass between Shafer and Cabell Library on Thursday, April 16 called, “It’s On Us.”

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Glitter and Boas: Richmond’s burlesque scene

March 1, 2015 Executive Editor 0

An eager audience stares up at a stage as the lights dim and music begins to play. A woman emerges from behind the curtains with a coy grin as she strides across the floor to the music. As the song continues, she teasingly reveals more skin as the crowd cheers her on.

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The rules of consent

September 14, 2014 Executive Editor 0

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I walk out of my apartment and someone doesn’t feel the need to comment on my body. Earlier this week I needed to go out to get some flu medicine for myself. As I was walking to the store, every group of men I walked past made a comment on my body. These comments made me feel overwhelmed and unsafe because there was nothing I could do to escape the situation. All I could do was smile or ignore so they wouldn’t engage me. Why do these men give out their opinion when it was unasked for?