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Bitter truths of the Confederacy

October 12, 2014 Executive Editor 140

The Civil War is over. The Confederacy lost and we’re better for it. I really shouldn’t have to say that in the year 2014, well over 150 years since the end of the Civil War. Though the guns may have fallen silent in the South, the arguments about the war and its legacy certainly have not.

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PTSD doesn’t turn men into monsters

September 29, 2014 Executive Editor 8

A man named Omar Gonzales recently made headlines after he charged across the north lawn of the White House with a knife. The reason is best summed up by the CNN headline: “White House fence jumper has PTSD.” There are dozens of headlines like it, and stories like this pop up perennially claiming post-traumatic stress disorder turns veterans into “ticking time bombs” one flashback away from going on a rampage. As an Army veteran diagnosed with service-related PTSD, I am absolutely tired of hearing this.