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Internships and self-worth

April 14, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Unpaid internships are often advertised as paying your dues with the promise of networking, a potential job and valuable work experience. A recent study, however, puts those benefits into question.

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Update the course catalog

April 1, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Class registration for the fall semester is just around the corner, forcing many students to trudge through VCU’s online course catalog, an outdated website in need of change.

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At college, altruism should not replace common sense

February 24, 2014 Executive Editor 0

College is full of idealists spreading their unscathed wings free from the safe refuge of the suburbs. Their inexperience presents easy prey for crooked opportunists. The problem isn’t generosity, but a combination of gullibility and kindness that drags that generosity down to stupidity.

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Political gifts won’t go away with McDonnell

February 3, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s political gift scandal is just another day in the decades of legalized bribery in American politics. Even if McDonnell is found guilty, the problem of political gifts will go nowhere, until the public pressures for reform.