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Johnson ready to prove VCU’s no sinking ship

April 27, 2015 admin 2

Melvin Johnson hears all of the doubters. While the perennial shooter was a bit surprised by how many people jumped off the VCU bandwagon, Johnson said he is sure there’s no sinking ship in Ram nation. Though there’s a new captain aboard, most of the crew is still the same and more motivated than ever.

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It’s JeQuan and Melvin’s team now

March 30, 2015 admin 0

In the wake of the 2014-15 VCU men’s basketball season ending, the Rams will now have to adjust to life without senior starters Briante Weber and Treveon Graham. Without their production, look no further than sophomore JeQuan Lewis and junior Melvin Johnson to take the reigns when the season tips off next November.