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The real robbery Richmond faces

September 10, 2013 Executive Editor 0

There has been retaliation in the mode of crime committed by the surrounding community, but, at the risk of sounding insensitive to the victims of recent robberies, we need to recognize that there’s a larger crime being committed in the city of Richmond and it is the dehumanization of homeless people within the city.

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Big Brother is watching you

September 9, 2013 Executive Editor 1

George Orwell screams at me as I log into Facebook. Our world is quickly turning into that of “1984.” As America becomes Oceania, Orwell and I are frustrated that few seem to care.

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Why should we pay for what was once free?

August 27, 2013 Executive Editor 0

VCU this semester started charging students $50 or $100 for GRTC transit passes. Previously, these transit passes were free to students who enrolled full- and part-time at the university. After learning about this new fee via students on social media (not through the university itself), I decided to start a petition on VCU has done a poor job communicating changes to the GRTC transit program to both new and returning students.

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Be considerate, smokers

August 27, 2013 Executive Editor 5

Bodily autonomy is a fantastic privilege to have, but the line is drawn when your consumption violently strip away at the environment and fellow members of the community.