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Letter to Editor: Energy policy

November 16, 2015 admin 0

To the Editor: Earlier this year, President Obama underlined his commitment to an “all-of-the-above” energy policy and celebrated America’s dominance in oil and natural gas […]

Fun, Friendly, Folk in Richmond

October 19, 2015 admin 0

Samuel Goodrich, Contributing Writer One of Richmond’s largest celebrations of culture, art and music took place earlier this month. With more than twenty musical groups, multiple […]

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Atlantic Coast Pipeline is detrimental to the environment

October 19, 2014 Executive Editor 2

I will not support the risk that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline brings. The pipeline is far more detrimental than supporters think. It will carry natural gas to Virginia and a better environment and economy should come along with it. However, the natural gas pipeline will also bring new hazards to be wary of in our state.