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Israeli institutional power’s seven-year blockade in Gaza

August 25, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Someone told me the other day that what is happening in Gaza is just a “distraction” for what is really going on in the world. I wonder what, in their mind, counts as real. The Gaza strip is a very tiny piece of land, but the conflict around it affects us all. The way that we think and feel about Gaza points to a larger truth about how we think and feel about oppression, and what we are willing to do to make a change.

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VCU medical student, 21, dies

November 26, 2013 Executive Editor 1

VCU medical student Mohamed Shaaban, 21, co-founder of nonprofit United 2 Heal and Emerging Healthcare Leaders of VCU died Friday, Nov. 22 after becoming critically ill early in early November.

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Mubarak, Mu problems

February 4, 2011 Executive Editor 0

Hope for democracy in Cairo Robert Showah Opinion Editor The current protests in Egypt prove one truth about democratization in the Middle East: The implementation […]