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Crystal Visions: the ancient art of divination

August 25, 2014 Executive Editor 1

The stigma of fortune telling has created an abundance of misconceptions for years that have unfortunately never truly been clarified. Divination, also known as fortune telling, follows its own unique code and language of symbols. Therefore, it is its own art form. Because divination is considered to be a taboo subject most of the false claims about this ancient method of intuitively understanding the present moment, as well as the past and future, are that it originated from witchcraft and devil worship. Contrary to popular belief, fortune telling did not become what it is today by the brew and bubbles of a cauldron or the sacrificial ceremonies conducted around a satanic pentagram.

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The dope diaries: America’s downward spiral

July 10, 2014 Executive Editor 2878

Heroin first made its peak in 1898 and still is growing in popularity in our country. According to NBC Nightly News, heroin abuse in America has nearly doubled between 2007 and 2012. Many news organizations, including NBC Nightly News and BBC News, say one of the reasons for this horrific statistic may be the increased use of prescription drugs, which is considered the gateway to heroin.

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VCU vs Fordham

February 27, 2014 Executive Editor 0

VCU had a shaky first half, but must have found some HAVOC in the locker room, taking Fordham down 85-66. There’s nothing Ram Nation loves like a landslide.

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Rams fall to Billikens, whatever those are

February 16, 2014 Executive Editor 0

VCU traveled west this weekend to take on the Saint Louis Billikens. While the Rams didn’t make it out with a win, HAVOC helped end the game with just a two-point deficit. That makes one more reason to look forward to SLU’s trip to Richmond in March.