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There’s a person behind the webpage

October 12, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Slavery in the U.S. didn’t end over 150 years ago. Flaws in our laws allow it to happen within our own borders. The Senate needs to pass the Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation Act of 2014. The bill, which was passed by the House of Representatives on May 20, would make it illegal to post prostitution ads online. It would also prohibit knowingly benefitting financially from commercial sex acts that violate laws against sex trafficking of children or of any person by force, fraud or coercion. The bill was introduced to the Senate on July 14 and given to a committee to be considered further.

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Four-year grad rate lags behind state schools

February 10, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Last month VCU president Michael Rao delivered his State of the University address, in which he said he considered VCU one of the “big three” universities in the state alongside University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. When it comes to graduation rates, however, VCU lags behind both of those universities and many others.

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Behind Parks, women’s basketball improves to 3-1

November 30, 2013 Executive Editor 0

The VCU women’s basketball team continued building on its strong start to the season on Thursday, Nov. 21, winning for a third time in four games. The Lady Rams picked up a 67-57 victory against the University of Texas Pan-American Broncs at the UTPA Fieldhouse in Edinburg, Texas, improving their record to 3-1 on the year.